Gunes Karabulut Kurt Ph.D., Professor

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Istanbul Technical University


Carleton University


Visiting Professor for 2019 -2020.

Research Areas


PHY Layer and Cross-layer security approaches to improve secrecy level of wireless communication systems.


Increasing throughput, reliability and security of wireless networks with the application of coding through network elements.


Field studies to apply theory to real-life networks mostly utilizing NI Software Designed Radio equipments.


Novel techniques to improve the location estimation resolution and reliability of wireless communication systems.


Efficient techniques for conversion of RF signals back to energy.


Thesis Completed:

Semiha Tedik Basaran

PhD Thesis, Relaying Opportunities for Wireless Networks by Applying Network Coding,

ITU, June 2019.

Yagmur Sabucu

PhD Thesis, Stable-Matching Based Resource Allocation Methods in Wireless Communication

Systems, Bogazici University (Co-supervisor with Prof. Ali E. Pusane), June 2019.

Gediz Sezgin

PhD Thesis, Reducing the Effects of Jammers in Wireless Communications Systems, ITU,

May 2019.

Saliha Buyukcorak 

PhD Thesis, A Generalized Localization Framework for Terrestrial and Aerial Systems, ITU, February 2019. 

Dogay Altinel 

PhD Thesis, Energy Harvesting Systems for Next Generation Wireless Communication Net- works, ITU, January 2019. 

Ozge Cepheli 

PhD Thesis, Next Generation Physical Layer Security Framework for Wireless Communica- tions, ITU, June 2017.


Selen Gecgel

MSc Thesis, Artificial Intelligence Based Detection Schemes for Secure Wireless Communication,

ITU, May 2019.

Ozan Alp Topal

MSc Thesis, Covert Communication Applications in Physical Layer Security, ITU, May


Kursat Tekbiyik

MSc Thesis, Modeling and Characterization of a Propagation Channelfor TerahertzWireless

Communications, ITU, May 2019.

Omer Faruk Topal

MSc Thesis, Performance Evaluation on the Spatial Reuse Techniques of Next Generation

WLANs, ITU, May 2019.

Caner Goztepe

MSc Thesis, Desing and Implementation of Beyond 5G Physical Layer Schemes, ITU, May


Selahattin Gokceli 

MSc Thesis, 5G Waveform Design and Software Defined Radio Based Proof of Concept Implementations, ITU, June 2017. 

Amir Eslami 

MSc Thesis, Improving the Performance and Developing a New Covariance Based Spectrum Sensing Method, ITU, June 2017. 

Ozgun Demir 

MSc Thesis, The Information Theoretical Privacy and the Impact of Communication Channel on Information Theoretic Privacy, ITU, January 2017. 

Gorkem Ozvural 

MSc Thesis, System Design for Internet of Things and Network Coding Applications in the Wireless Personal Area Networks, ITU, May 2015. 

Kaan Dandin 

MSc Thesis, Dynamic Load Management for IMS Networks Using Network Function Virtu- alization, ITU, January 2015. 

Dogay Altinel 

MSc Thesis, RF Energy Harvesting in Wireless Communication Systems: Statistical Models for Battery Recharging Time, ITU, June 2014. 

Metin Vural 

MSc Thesis, Lognormal Mixture Shadowing and Applications, ITU, January 2014. 

Khalid Mahmood 

MSc Thesis, Mode Selection Rules For Device-to-Device Communication: Design Criteria and Performance Metrics, ITU, January 2014. 

Semiha Tedik 

MSc Thesis, Full-Duplex Communication Systems: Performance Analysis and Relay Appli- cations, ITU, June 2013. 

Tugra Sahiner 

MSc Thesis, Transmit Power Optimization Based on User Demand, ITU, June 2013. 

Okan Cengaver 

MSc Thesis, Indicator of Experience for Mobile Data Networks, ITU, January 2013.