Projects & Grants

  1. Principle Investigator, TUBITAK 1505, Improving Localization Accuracy using WiFi Signals, 2017-2019.
  2. Principle Investigator, REALMARS - Research on location estimation in multi-carrier systems , EU FP-7 Marie-Curie Int. Reintegration Grant, 2009-2011. Selected as a Success Story by RTD


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  3. G. Kurt, “Angle of arrival (basis selection) and location estimation system,” Mar. 11 2010, WO PCT/IB2009/053,645. 
  4. S. Buyukcorak, and G. Karabulut Kurt, “A Physical Layer Supported Spoofing Detection and Authentication based Generalized Localization System,” applied to Turkish Patent Institute, 2018/13715, Sept. 2018.

Journal Publications

  1. S.Buyukcorak, G.Karabulut Kurt, and A.Yongacoglu, “Inter-network Localization Frameworks for Hybrid Heterogeneous Networks,” accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
  2. S. Buyukcorak, and G. Karabulut Kurt, “A Bayesian Perspective on RSS Based Localization for Visible Light Communication with Heterogeneous Networks Extension,” in IEEE Access, vol.5, Aug. 2017.
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